Selling Your Home In Winter: Top Myths Debunked

As the chilly winter months have set in, buyers are often tempted to hold off on putting their house on the market until Spring or Summer with the belief their home won’t sell until then. While winter might not be the easiest time to pack up and move, a recent article in Hartford Courant explains how Winter is in fact, still a great time to sell your home. The article looks at the top common myths when selling a home in the Winter and dispels each one.

Myth #1: Homes don’t sell in the cold winter months

As Hartford Courant describes “The buyers that are looking for a home at this time of year tend to be more serious and ready to put in an offer, rather than just going out to look at houses for the sake of looking at houses.”

Myth #2: Sellers can’t decorate their home for the holidays when it is on the market

As with anything the saying “too much of a good thing” rings true. While holiday décor is acceptable when selling, avoid overly decorating to the point of becoming a distraction. It is highly recommended to take down decorations immediately after the holiday season has ended.

Myth #3: It’s too difficult to show during the holidays

While showing during the holidays can require a little more coordination, the article points out is important to “be as flexible as possible. That said, should there be a day that your house will be filled with guests for a holiday gathering, for instance, you can request that that period is "blocked" for showings.”

While selling and moving in the winter might require a bit more coordinating around the holidays, it is possible to sell a home as buyers who are interested will always be ready when they find the right home.